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Todd Muller Breaks His Duck

Sir Bob Jones

The Nats new leader has finally put some runs on the board.

Speaking to the Wellington Chamber of Commerce he stated the obvious, namely that it’s totally untenable to keep our borders closed until either/if a vaccine is developed or every country has eliminated the virus.

I pointed that out on this site a week back and offered a simple health passport solution. Imposing 14 days confined to a hotel room is untenable and unnecessary.

Now while I say Muller was stating the obvious, it certainly needed to be said from someone in his position.

I asked what is the government’s Plan B, so silly is the current situation. One is left with the sense the Government doesn’t have one. A cynic might even say they prefer maintaining a sense of crisis given the political polling benefit it’s reaped to date with easily panicked people.

When sometime in the future there’s an enquiry into the handling of this virus, a necessity as it will happen again in the future, I have no doubt the outcome will be it was a massive over-reaction.

The evidence is clear. Primarily it’s killed nursing home occupants, that is folk in their 90s suffering dementia thus unable to look after themselves.

In New Zealand 19 out of the 22 deaths were in nursing homes and nearly all in their 90s.

The other 3 victims were older people, over 60 with serious health conditions.

In Britain and the USA, apart from nursing homes, it’s bowled over the obese, mainly poor people with unhealthy life-styles.

In short and with the benefit of hindsight, the vulnerable were plain two months into the lockdown. Life should have gone on and attention focussed on those vulnerable categories without creating a contagious panic.

If the government remain stubborn while National flogs this theme, we’ll definitely see a change of government. For by then the actual cost of this man-made economic disaster will be evident for all to see and more particularly, feel.

The Prime Minister reacted to the Muller emergence saying it’s dangerous to open the borders. No it’s not, that is with a health passport scheme in place which we could actually issue similarly to visas.

As for dangerous, so too is driving and kills circa 350 people annually. But we don’t hide under our beds in panic, rather even 350 annually, a large number of whom are hoons, are very long odds indeed. So too with the virus, given sensible precautions. Locking visitors up for 14 days imprisonment is ridiculous. It’s overdue for some reality.

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Bob Jones Robert ‘Bob’ Jones — now New Zealand’s largest private office building owner in Wellington and Auckland, and with substantial holdings in Sydney and Glasgow, totalling in excess of two billion dollars — is a property investor, author and former politician, who has written fiction as well as books on property investment, selections of his newspaper and magazine columns, and reminiscences of former prime minister Robert Muldoon. While at Victoria University of Wellington, he earned a ‘blue’ in boxing and contributed to a boxing column in the university’s newspaper Salient. A multi-millionaire, Jones earned his wealth through investments in commercial property via his company Robt. Jones Holdings Ltd. He founded and led the New Zealand Party in 1983. In 1989 he was made a Knight Bachelor in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, and in received the New Zealand 1990 Commemorative Medal.

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