Thursday, September 17, 2020

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Why is the Government gathering Food Source/Supply in a Covert manner?

Why is the Government gathering Food Source/Supply in a Covert manner?

By Hilary Butler

I have some SERIOUS questions, about the motives of this government. If you agree with the concerns on this post please, spread this far and wide.
Please read on.

Various properties have received letters like this, asking for funding for Westpac helicopter rescue… Each letter is individualised with colour google maps of their properties with the boundaries delineated…
BUT>>>> have a look at the envelope and the information asked for on the last page. The whole letter plus the envelope was scanned, anonymised, marked up and put below, for you to study.

Look at it carefully. You might have to look at this on a computer NOT on the phone. And if you need, message me and I will upload to you the anonymised pdf which the images are made from.
Some farmers receiving these letters are gobsmacked. But how many farmers are acquiescing to this information request without even asking what is behind it?

Why is a government agency fronting a funding drive for Westpac Helicopter?
Is this agency acting as a trojan horse, to gather detailed food crop information, not just about stock but all food available on farms?
Why do they require this information now?
They never had in the past.

So first up, LOOK at the sender.
Asure quality – an organisation which supposedly “offer the broadest range of food assurance services in New Zealand” and “guardians of food” and “Owned by the New Zealand Government,” to “to help build and protect this enduring trust in food”
Is the Government involved in some underhand information mining so that they know exactly where to land helicopters to unlawfully take farmers produce in the event of a “nationwide food shortage”?

The other thing concerning farmers, which has another COVID parallel, is when you hear farmers talk about the shocking devastation created by MBIE in relation to mico bovis.
The farmers I’ve talked to, liken this to COVID in a way, because mico bovis has very few symptoms in cattle, meat is fine, milk is fine etc but the government answer is to kill all the animals.

The reality though, is that eventually all stock will get it, form antibodies to it, and no harm on the produce.
Instead of recognizing the reality of mico Bovis, the government on the one hand, wants to disembowel farmers stock, yet NOW wants to know from all farmers, exactly what food supply they have on their farms.
Don’t you think that this is all a bit…. um… weird?

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