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Rent-A-Crowd Looters in Caravans of Rent-A-Cars

I’ve written before that BLM and Antifa are really just the latest version of the same racially-obsessed radical communist movement which has been waging war on America for half a century and more. Not only are both too-obviously modelled on the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground, many of the veteran thugs of both are helping run the show.

Something else the old and new have in common is that they are little more than gangsters posing as revolutionaries. The Black Panthers were basically a black mafia: “just a pack of predators”, according to the LA Times. They may have posed as political revolutionaries, but their real game was robbery, vice and murder – lots of murder. Weatherman, the SLA and other radical groups funded their campaigns of terrorist violence via a string of bank robberies.

Nothing’s changed. What’s been notable about this American summer’s riots is how minutely organised they are. George Floyd wasn’t the “trigger”: he was the excuse. Many of the subsequent riots were not mere disorganised mob violence, they were orchestrated looting and robbery – with a sideline of murder.

One novel development this year has been these semiorganized raids by caravans of looters on expensive shopping streets[…]For example, after a police shooting in Southern California last week, the police department in wealthy Santa Monica noticed that yet another pillaging was being organized on Instagram: “Looting Santa Monica at 7 p.m.”

[…]An hour later—as called for in the Instagram post—caravans of rental cars began exiting the freeway and traveling in rows of three to five towards the Downtown[…]

The pattern of the looting was similar to that in other cities like Chicago, [officer Candice Cobarrubias] said. “It’s the same M.O. (modus operandi). Organized groups are renting cars and driving in caravan style. They meet outside the targeted area and drive in,” she said.

Who are these woke marauders? It seems to vary from city to city, depending on who the local criminal underclass are. In LA it appears to be South Central’s Hispanic gangs. Witnesses describe highly organised looters spilling out of the caravans of carnage while “a few people yelled out orders from inside their idling vehicles, waving this small army from one target to another with military precision”. The first wave of looters smashed windows then moved on while the next wave rushed in with empty duffel bags. When they emerged with bulging bags, they’d all pile back in and speed on to the next target.

[…]in Los Angeles, Mexican and Salvadoran gangs outnumber and out-organize black gangs. In Chicago, though, the repeated raids upon the Magnificent Mile appear to have been largely black.

The rioters, meanwhile are being recruited from the useless idiots of the woke white left, from trannies to teachers.

Judging from mug shots, they tend to be ugly people with bad teeth and even worse taste in grooming.

A remarkable fraction in Portland are some version of transgender. Oregon has offered free transsexual health services for several years, so perhaps the state attracts this type of mentally ill person from across the country?

Also common are drug addicts, sex offenders, punk rock fans, educators, and general lowlifes who have personal reasons for hating cops. On the other hand, they don’t seem particularly interested in stealing nice things the way the black looters are.

The riots tend to go on the longest in places like Portland where there are few blacks.

Real Mugshots of Portland. The BFD.

It’s tempting to respond with “When the lootin’ starts, the shootin’ starts”, but that risks an almighty media meltdown. Remember, this is very much an asymmetrical war, with everyone from the Democrat party to the media gunning for the commie goon squad.

More than anything, what the media want is their very own Horst Wessel.

So, it’s imprudent to shoot many rioters[…]the fundamental problem is political rather than technical: Democratic governors and mayors haven’t wanted to arrest the criminals.

But it would be reasonable after Nov. 3 to treat race rioting as a federal civil rights offense. Rioting over race should be treated as a hate crime and punished accordingly.

After all, one lesson of 2020 is that the country will have to be reorganized on the unifying principle that the equal protection of the laws applies to all races, not just to the privileged ones. To survive, the United States of America can no longer afford to treat some races as above the law.

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