Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Tucker: Big Tech censors COVID video featuring doctors

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WATCH: Viral Video of Doctors’ Coronavirus Press Conference CENSORED by Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter

Big Tech is censoring what you can find out about almost anything these days. The latest censorial masking is of a viral...

Hydroxychloroquine could save up to 100,000 lives if used for COVID-19: Yale epidemiology professor

The Ingraham Angle interview with Dr Harvey Risch - Hydroxychloroquine use by front line Doctors

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Rent-A-Crowd Looters in Caravans of Rent-A-Cars

I've written before that BLM and Antifa are really just the latest version of the same racially-obsessed radical communist movement which has...

Covid 19 coronavirus: Victoria fights for power to detain ‘high-risk’ spreaders

The Victorian Government will debate sweeping powers that would allow police to detain anyone they believe was "high risk" of spreading coronavirus.

Don Delivers! Is Freedom of Speech Under Threat in New Zealand?

Lindsay Here is a speech by a man who nearly became Prime Minister, and...

Part Four: Making NZ Serve China

Professor Anne-Marie BradySupplementary Submission to the New Zealand Parliament Justice Select Committee Inquiry into Foreign Interference Activities, 2019 Part...

Stuff – New Zealand’s Home of Fantasy & Fiction

When the announcement was made about the sale of Stuff to its Chief Executive for $1.00 many of us will have chuckled to ourselves...