Thursday, September 17, 2020

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Stuff – New Zealand’s Home of Fantasy & Fiction

When the announcement was made about the sale of Stuff to its Chief Executive for $1.00 many of us will have chuckled to ourselves...

Socialists are using ‘hysteria over COVID as a weapon of economic destruction’

Part Three: China’s Interference in NZ Politics, ‘Soft Power’

Professor Anne-Marie BradySupplementary Submission to the New Zealand Parliament Justice Select Committee Inquiry into Foreign Interference Activities, 2019 Part...

China uses technology to criminalise thought crime

Analysis | Digital Editor Jack Houghton The city of Kashgar in far west China once served as a silk...

Following $10 billion Roundup settlement, Bayer uses climate program as front to lock in control of farmer data and sell more Roundup

by Jason Davidson, food and agriculture campaigner Onthe heels of the massive $10 billion proposed lawsuit settlement for more than 95,000...

Climate explained: what if we took all farm animals off the land and planted crops and trees instead?

Sebastian Leuzinger, Auckland University of Technology Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand...

I’m not allowed to go to Church but I can burn them to the ground?

QR CODE TESTED TO BE UNLAWFUL. Pod Cast by Sarah Smith Rupa's Cafe has chosen not to display a QR...

Why would we get laws that no one can make sense of ? This is how communism was explained to me as a child.

By Bryce McKenzie I have been stewing on this for some time but it’s finally got the better of...

Why is the Government gathering Food Source/Supply in a Covert manner?

By Hilary Butler I have some SERIOUS questions, about the motives of this government. If you agree with the...

Epic speech at Irish protest against Covid Tyranny

Victorian Police “Nazi Dogs”

Covid-19 Vaccine Could be Catastrophic to Mankind – Del Bigtree



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NZ could have the Herd Immunity of Sweden without the casualties – Dr David Katz

Dr David Katz - Covid-19 Science and Policy Symposium, 17 August 2020 Dr David Katz (Medical Doctor and Preventive...

Tucker: Big Tech censors COVID video featuring doctors

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